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About Us

A little about us ...

Originally conceived in 2017, The Last Best Box was born out of a desire to support local business and provide a wholesome gift boxing experience. The founder, Scott, was a stay at home dad at the time, and decided to launch the Box out of his house. From there word spread, and grass roots support popped up across the state. 

Fast forward five years, Scott's kids were old enough to not need a caretaker and he was ready to jump back into his old job of working for the Bitterroot Star. He still wanted the box to be cared for, nurtured and to see it grow in the hands of some fellow Montanans. Enter Brooke, Alex and Kris.

Brooke and Alex Blackler had founded The Last Best Company in 2018, starting as a small brand and customization service. When the pandemic hit, things changed. All wholesale was canceled and they had to pivot to direct to consumer and product innovation. During this time, they spearheaded an online gift boxing experience titled Soula Box. Soula Box featured 11 different women owned businesses in Missoula with auxiliary support from several more. Together they raised donations to give gift boxes to the local Missoula covid healthcare workers while helping support these local women owned operations. It was a resounding success. 

A little later in 2021 Brooke and Alex received a request from the Southgate Mall, to open a Montana Made store. The Mall was looking for a local brand with roots in the community, and the couple realized that with the network of vendors they had met over the years, they could make this store a reality. The Last Best Store is now the first all Montana Made store in the Southgate Mall, featuring over 80 local artists and artisans.

When Brooke and Alex learned Scott was interested in transferring The Last Best Box to new ownership, they knew it would be a great fit in the Last Best family of businesses. They looked to their friend, and Missoula music legend, Kris Moon to join in and help grow the company.

Kris Moon is a Missoula DJ that has become a household name. He has headlined Absolutely at the Badlander for the last 15 years, making it the longest running music night in town. He even won several Best Of Missoula awards for his work. He now is engaged with a new music venture, The Plum Smugglers, a duo of analog electronic musicians producing music live on stage.

Together we are primed to take on the next stage of The Last Best Box, elevating local Montana businesses and providing a great customer experience. With a background in customization, The Last Best Company can provide a unique box offering to corporate clients as well as help feature artists in a new way. Be on the lookout for these new offerings, featuring art from around the state. 

We thank everyone who has helped the box reach this stage, and are excited for a bright future and the connections in the community and beyond that will help us raise up Montanans and share Montana with the world. So whether you are looking for a subscription, or a single box, for gifting or to treat yourself, we hope you find joy in what we offer here and enjoy a taste of the Big Sky!

Join us and experience a taste of life under the Big Sky!